AIM CareerMap Assessment

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and strategic career planning with our unique AIM CareerMap Assessment. Designed for individuals at the cusp of their career journey or those seeking meaningful change, this service offers a deep dive into your personal strengths, values, and aspirations. Our two-part consultation leverages the acclaimed Gallup Strengths Assessment, coupled with innovative mind mapping and values exploration, to paint a comprehensive picture of your ideal career path.

What You'll Experience:
  • Personalized Discovery: Understand your unique strengths and how they translate into professional excellence.

  • Values Alignment: Uncover your core values to ensure your career path resonates with your deepest motivations.

  • Strategic Mapping: Co-create a detailed, actionable career plan that aligns your strengths and values with real-world opportunities.
Embark on a Purpose-Filled Career Journey

Let the AIM CareerMap Consultation be your compass in navigating the complex world of career planning. Whether you're a student defining your path or a professional seeking alignment, our expert guidance will illuminate the way to fulfillment and success.


AIM CareerMap will give you a sense of direction and pathways when it comes to your future, which empowers you to explore and pursue interests, building an impressive resume while having an impact


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Desmond Edwards
"The AIM team played a major role in my participation in SPISE, a programme which greatly  influenced my path towards success both in university, and in my future career."
Domonique Folkes
"I had an impactful summer with a volunteer program that I dreamed about for months before. I was able to make that dream a reality with AIM!"
Christian Allen
"AIM helped me every step of the way, including helping me to land an Internship with Mercedes Benz."