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Give Your Child the Opportunity of a Lifetime by Getting Them One Step Closer to Their College Dreams
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  • 16 Classes - 3 Hours Each
  • Eight Mock Exams under Test-Like Conditions (3.5 Hours Each)
  • 2 Online Textbooks with Practice Questions & Answers with Explanations AND 8 Practice Tests
  • Whatsapp Access to Instructors and Tutors
  • AIM College Prep Workbook with Action Items, Timelines and Checklists
  • 2 Free Tickets to Parenting for Teen Success Masterclass
  • Free Ticket to Vision Board & Goal Achievement Workshop for Teens
  • 2 LIVE Online Group College Prep Coaching Q&A Sessions with AIM Founder, Nicole
  • BONUS: Mid-Way Parent Meeting to Discuss Progress Reports & Troubleshoot Issues
  • SUPER BONUS: 1 Year Access to AIM College Navigator
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"If you want 100% satisfaction, you need to come to AIM."
- Dr. Aldrie Henry-Lee, AIM Parent

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Tried, Tested & Proven SAT Prep Strategies
We guide students on how to increase their score by an average of 350* points in 3 months
*Avg score movement of past AIM SAT Prep Class students
"My first mock SAT score ever was in the 900s... but with the help of the AIM teachers I got a final exam score of 1240. Not all the way to my goal but a lot of progress was made. The mock exams were also a big help. Though the mocks may be stressful it was helpful for me to experience the exam setting before the big day."
"They teach you certain strategies that you can use to maximize your score. The most effective ones being the time management exercises like the reading drills. They also recommend sites and reading material that you can use to prepare for the exam when not in the classroom."
"When reflecting on the time I spent with AIM's teachers, the most apparent trait was their unwavering persistence when it came to preparing us for the exam. The course has "taught me how to fish" [to prep on my own for future sittings]. An excellent experience overall."
"I liked that I was able to interact and ask questions with the teachers... they were very helpful and patient."
"My teachers were always willing to give assistance, had excellent knowledge of their subject matter and seemed to enjoy the classes, making each three hour class fly by. Overall I enjoyed my SAT classes at AIM and felt that they were useful in my exam preparation."
Refund Policy:
Please note that NO refunds of any kind will be offered for monies paid to AIM, under any circumstances, within 30 days of the start date of the class. That is, if class begins on January 31, you forfeit your eligibility for a refund after January 1.

The class maintains a minimum class size of 20 that is strictly enforced, therefore once you confirm your seat in this session other students are denied entry. Therefore we will not provide refunds or credits, especially after the program has begun. No partial payment or refunds for students interested in discontinuing the course before it is finished, for any reason, will be facilitated.

REGISTRATION FOR THE SAT: Please note that enrollment in the course does not include registration for the SAT. This should be done directly by the parent / student at and costs approximately USD$81.00. Please note that all registration related questions should be directed to College Board. You can contact SAT Program Customer Service by telephone Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time at (212) 713-7789.