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350 PTS
The average increase in test score improvement achieved by students enrolled in the AIM SAT PREP COURSE -
 That's 10 times more than the average American test-prep service
Received by the AIM Class of 2020 who were enrolled in the
of AIM Students in the TAKE AIM™️ SYSTEM admitted to 1 or more of their TOP 3 College choices

This course prepares you for the AUGUST 2021 sitting of the SAT, administered by the College Board.

Classes are held LIVE, ONLINE. Each class is 3hrs.
Mock Exams take place on Sunday at 9am. 
All times are GMT -05:00.
*Recordings will be available.
Recommended for students interested in applying to US colleges to matriculate in 2022 or 2023.
It is an intensive accelerated course that prepares students to sit the SAT on August 28, 2021.
Cost US$1100 includes:
  • 2 month Accelerated Online SAT Prep Course
  • 1 Year Access to AIM College Navigator
Payment Plans Available
Spaces are limited and students are accepted on a 'first come, first served' basis. Don't wait til' its too late...
This is where we give you access to training that you can uses to help your college applications to stand out and get into the best fit colleges with the scholarships you need.
Every student of the SAT Class will have access to our Do-It-Yourself program College Navigator.
This college prep program will give you access to tools, trainings and  preparation help you will need to create an outstanding college application.
  • Pre-Recorded College Application Master Classes
  • Monthly Live Q&A with AIM College Expert
  • AIM College Prep Workbook with Templates, Action Items, Timelines & Checklists
  • College App Reminders, Updates & Notifications
  • Financial Aid Class
  • Research Hub with Accredited Sources for College Searches
  • Navigator Forum moderated by AIM College Expert
  • So Much More!
The Take AIM 2-Step system includes the 2 Month Accelerated SAT Course PLUS 1 year access to AIM's Self-Taught College Prep Course, College Navigator!
AIM SAT Student
Gabrielle Clarke, 2020

"AIM's Online SAT Class is really a 5 star experience... Because of AIM, my score has improved by 420 points, and yes, I am totally satisfied."

Gabrielle made a score jump of over 400 points after taking the AIM SAT Class - that's more than the US national average score jump after SAT prep!

Higher Test Scores Open Doors For Students To Secure More Money For College And Greater Saving for Your Family

"Yes, it's a lot of work but it's so worth it in the end - being able to walk into the exam room knowing that your teachers prepared you fully, and walking out feeling so confident that you did the best you could. I really do recommend AIM's Online SAT classes because it ensures that you perform to the best of your abilities and prepares you for anything that they might throw at you."
Isabel improved by 360 points which saw her Score move from 1010 to 1370 on the SAT after taking the AIM SAT Class!
AIM SAT Student
Isabel Matthews, 2020
Nicole McLaren Campbell, Founder of AIM
"Many students think that because they do well in school, they will do well on the SAT" NOT TRUE!

I have seen excellent students struggle because the SAT requires specific strategies and practice.

Lower SAT scores cause students to lose out on tens of thousands of dollars in lost financial aid and scholarships as well as cost students their college dream!

We work with students to raise their scores, because we know they just need to GET THAT SCORE to get the scholarships.

We do everything in our power to help college dreams come true - and a high SAT score and guided college prep can make that happen. Our results speak for themselves.

REGISTER your child today and set them on a path to success and greater financial freedom for you and your family
Students Are Going To Get...
  • Sixteen (16) 3 hour Classes
  • A Diagnostic Exam to gauge where they are & what they need
  • Eight (8) Mock Exams to be proctored under exam-like conditions
  • Thousands of the Best Questions & Answers with Explanations that have been pulled from multiple sources and compiled by AIM's experts
  • Parent/Student Orientation Meeting with College Prep Guidance
Whatsapp Access to Instructors
Ask Questions & Get Help as You Work on Your Own
AIM Virtual Class Material
Exercises and Practice Questions specific to each topic of the class
to Vision Board & Goal Achievement Workshop
  • Pre-Recorded College Application Master Classes
  • Monthly Live Q&A with AIM College Expert
  • AIM College Prep Workbook with Templates, Action Items, Timelines & Checklists
  • College App Reminders, Updates & Notifications
  • Financial Aid Class
  • Research Hub with Accredited Sources for College Searches
  • Navigator Forum moderated by AIM College Expert
  • So Much More!
Class Starts In
  • 2 month Accelerated Online SAT Prep Course
  • 1 year Access to College Navigator
Payment Plans Available
What AIM Parents Are Saying About Their Investment...
AIM parent Lorna Bond's daughter Amanda attends Tulane University with a scholarship of over US$190,000!

"I wanted nothing but the best for my daughter. I was initially concerned about the return on investment, but the knowledge that they give cannot be quantified only in monetary terms.
I was especially impressed by their drive and attention to detail as well as the respect shown to the students.

After Amanda went through AIM's SAT Class, her test-taking skills and confidence improved.

Overall I would say it was totally worth it!"

Your Role is Key and We Want to Support You!
Parents Get...
  • 21 Tips on Parenting a New Generation through College Admissions
    from real parents who have successfully guided their children through the process!
  • Whatsapp Broadcast Reminders
    so you never lose track of what your child is doing and when
  • 2 FREE TICKETS to our 2020 Parenting for Teen Success Masterclass*
The Best Instructors, the Most Effective Strategies, the Highest Scores
We help students maximize their performance on the SAT through a rigorous, result-driven methodology, targeted instruction on content and technique reinforced by practice and mock exams administered under test like conditions.
Our SAT Prep course is rigorous and results driven.
That's why AIM is one of the leading SAT Prep providers in the Caribbean, with students in Guyana, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and across Jamaica.
Our Expertise will Increase Your Test Scores and Ultimately Your Chances of Admission and Scholarships to the Colleges of your Choice

With our Proven System, you'll:
  • Become a test-taking machine by mastering expert test-taking strategies and highly effective ways to prep for standardized tests
  • Be prepared to handle even the most tricky test questions but know immediately which questions to attempt and which ones to omit, to be the most efficient test-taker
  • Eliminate test-anxiety by taking mock exams conducted under simulated, test-like conditions
  • Understand what colleges look for and how to stand out in the application process
  • Gain Confidence as our instructors create a friendly, safe and interactive environment for learning and personal growth
  • Be Inspired and Motivated beyond taking the SATs, our program helps inspire students to pursue their goals - inside and outside of the classroom
Your Investment: $1100
  • 2 month Accelerated Online SAT Prep Course
  • 1 year Access to College Navigator
Payment Plans Available
MEET US$300,000 TAKE AIM™️ student, Monique
Monique has been named the JAMAICA SCHOLAR for Lafayette College.
Receiving a full ride scholarship covering room & board and tuition costs -worth US$300,000/over JMD$37million

This future Software Engineer and Immaculate High School student has worked so hard - her advice to students dreaming of studying abroad is to take the first step - which she did by attending one of our free workshops 3 and a half years ago!
  • Sixteen (16) 3 hour Classes
  • Eight (8) 3.5 hour Mock Exams under test-like conditions
  • Online Textbooks for Math and Verbal which include thousands of the BEST practice questions and answers with explanations compiled from multiple sources by AIM's expert tutors plus 8 Practice Tests
  • Whatsapp Access to Instructors for help as you work on your own
  • AIM College Prep Workbook with Action Items, Timelines & Checklists to keep you on track to College Admissions Success
  • 2 Free Tickets to 2021 Parenting for Teen Success Masterclass
  • Free Ticket to Vision Board & Goal Achievement Workshop for Teens
  • Parent/Student STRATEGIES for ADMISSION SUCCESS Group Coaching
  • 2 LIVE Online Group College Prep Coaching Q&A Sessions with AIM Founder
  • Mid-Way Parent Meeting to Discuss Progress Reports & Troubleshoot Issues
  • Access to the AIM College Navigator Online College Prep Course
  • ($1150 value)
  • ($400 value)

  • ($350 value)
  • ($300 value)

  • ($250 value)
  • ($200 value)
  • ($50 value)
  • ($100 value)
  • ($200 value)

  • ($100 value)
  • ($500 value)
Total Value: $3600
Your Cost for AIM SAT Prep Class
Bundled with the AIM College Navigator
Sign up now and you can pay in up to 5 small payments.*
Spaces are limited and students are accepted on a 'first come, first served' basis.
Don't wait til' its too late...
*Payment Plans are based on availability dictated by when you sign up in relation to the start date of the class
When should my child start preparing for the SAT exam?
The summer after completing Grade 10/5th form is the best time to start preparing for the SAT exam.

How many times per year is the SAT exam?
Internationally, the Official SAT exam is offered 4 times per year: March, May, October, and December.
Due to the coronavirus crisis, CollegeBoard has added an August sitting for international students as well.
In the USA, the Official SAT exam is offered 7 times a year: March, May, June, August, October, November, December.

Does AIM have payment plans for the SAT Class?
Yes, we do! You can pay in up to 5 small payments depending on when you sign up for the class. The closer to the class start date, the less payment plan options there are. FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE 6 WEEKS BEFORE THE END OF CLASSES.

How many subject areas will the SAT classes cover?
The SAT exam comprises of 2 Verbal (English) sections and 2 Math sections and our classes will cover both areas.

I did not do CSEC, GCSE or IGCSE exams can I just do SAT's and apply to a school abroad?
No, SAT is not a replacement for CSEC and CAPE subjects.

I did not grasp Math and English at the CSEC, GCSE or IGCSE Level can I do SAT?
SAT Verbal and SAT Math are more advanced than basic 5th form level English and Math so you would have needed to have at least mastered those subject areas to be able to do well at SAT. We actually recommend Additional Mathematics or AP Math be taken at your high school (if possible), because the SAT maths section demands some knowledge of higher-level maths.

Which subjects do students need to be competitive in the SAT and the college admissions process?
To be most competitive students must take all three science subjects, English, Mathematics AND Add Math, a Social Science (History preferably) and a Foreign Language at some point between Grade 9 & 12 / 4th Form & Upper 6. This course selection will make a student's application competitive to US universities, no matter what his/her intended career or major. Beyond 5th form/Grade 10 (CAPE, IB, A-Levels, etc.) students are advised to continue with as many core subjects as possible, checking the prerequisites for the major/area they are potentially interested in studying.

I am interested in taking the ACT instead of the SAT. Do you guys assist with that?
We offer 1:1 Tutoring sessions for ACT Prep. Please send an email to [email protected] indicating your interest in ACT tutoring.

Does the SAT Class include personalized college prep help?
No, the SAT Class only includes material for taking the SAT exam. However your registration for the SAT Class includes 1 year access to AIM's College Navigator - a self-taught online college prep course filled with an abundance of college prep resources. For personalized assistance, you may join our College Advising Program or book a la carte sessions for specific needs HERE.

Our Students have been Admitted to Hundreds of Different Universities All Over The World Including:
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Please note that enrollment in AIM's SAT Prep Course does NOT include registration for the Official SAT Exam, administered by College Board.
Registration for the Official SAT Exam must be done directly by the parent or student at www.collegeboard.org.
Please note that all registration related questions should be directed to College Board.

You may contact SAT Program Customer Service by telephone at 1-866-756-7346 Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 9:00PM Eastern Time. Summer hours for SAT Program Customer Service (after the June administration through August) are Monday through Friday, from 8:30AM to 8:00PM. Eastern Daylight Time.