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Founder & CEO of AIM
Nicole McLaren Campbell is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, goal accelerator strategist, and Amazon best-selling author.
In 2010 she founded AIM Educational Services, which revolutionized the preparation of students for college in Jamaica. She was a recipient of the Jamaican Governor General's Award for Excellence in Achievement and Leadership in 2018. In 2019, she was appointed National Productivity Ambassador by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica. She is also founder of the Goal Accelerator Club - a community of women dedicated to actualizing their fullest potential.
Her latest venture is the launching of AIM Online Academy - the first ever affordable and accessible online college counselling system. Her ultimate mission is to squeeze every ounce of life from life - "AIM High and Be Bold."
College Counselor
Breanna holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education and a minor in English from The University of Miami. Prior to studying at the University of Miami, Breanna attended Wesleyan University for three years where she studied Neuroscience and Psychology.

Breanna has a strong passion for mental health awareness and development. While attending the University of Miami, Breanna studied abroad in South Africa where she taught science in impoverished communities to sixth through eighth grade students. As a Neuroscience major, Breanna worked in a schizophrenia lab giving her in depth knowledge of the journey of science and premed students. Her work as a resident advisor also brings experience of the importance of student life to the college experience.

Breanna knows competitive college admissions and the importance of guidance throughout the college application process. Her passion for student success will be a driving force to AIMers as they transition into college.

College Counselor
With a deep desire to understand human behavior, Charise earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Biology from Howard University. Accompanying her studies, Charise served as a Public Health Educator and Integrated Science Teacher in Haiti and Indonesia. Here, she discovered her passion for education as she witnessed first-hand the positive impact access to information has on an individual and their community.

Prior to joining the AIM family, Charise worked as a Global Health Advocacy & Communications consultant, leveraging digital and traditional media to promote clients' research, initiatives and programmes. Utilizing lessons learned from NYU's Continuing Education Course in Multimedia Storytelling, she also translated policies into high-impact campaigns and speeches to elevate the voices of global leaders.

A great education is really a special experience, and Charise is eager to help AIMers obtain similar opportunities. She understands the stress generated by the competitive admissions process, and is committed to helping students recognize their accomplishments to curate stand out essays and overall application profiles. In her spare time, Charise enjoys dancing, volunteering and spending time in nature.

AIM Administrative & Enrollment Manager
Janelle handles much of the day to day operations of AIM Online Academy. She believes that knowledge is power and is a firm advocate for students pursuing higher education.

Her enthusiasm and passion for service drives her to ensure that clients have the best experience when interacting with AIM.

Janelle holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of West Indies and is in the process of achieving certification in Project Management.
She spends much of her free time reading or exploring Jamaica and is always ready for an adventure.
AIM Programs Coordinator
Sherika's personal philosophy is service above self - she enjoys doing things that'll either help someone or potentially impact their lives in a positive way.
As a recent International Relations graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Sherika always seek to improve at her job - learning new things, gaining new skills and becoming proficient in tasks and studies previously learned. She considers herself a self-motivated and team-oriented person who thrives in her workplace making the most of all opportunities and challenges.
She enjoys watching Netflix, listening to music and , and has recently acquired an interest in diy projects.
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