With over 10 years of experience helping students get into the BEST FIT colleges for them with MAXIMUM Scholarships,
AIM is ready to take it a step further, online...

AIM is offering the FIRST college prep program with increased
We Know Your Child Is Amazing, But Does Their Dream School Know That?
The biggest mistake that students make in their college applications is not taking the time to learn the strategies to stand out in a sea of over 10 million applicants.

Believe it or not, the college application process isn't simple.

Your child has worked hard in school and we think all students should know how to turn that hard work into hard earned cash for colleges they want to attend.
AIM College Navigator 
Online Membership Club
*Designed specifically for Students Starting College in 2022
We understand that the college prep process can be costly wherever you go...
That's why we've developed a fully online system that meets every student's needs at every budget.

We took all the elements of our One on One, signature College Application Program (CAP), which is the entire system we use to help students get into college and we have broken it down into an ONLINE, GROUP BASED guided monthly program to take you from high school straight into college at a fraction of the cost.

Please note that this program does NOT include SAT/ACT Prep - but Membership does include a DISCOUNT to the AIM SAT Class

AIM College Navigator
Course Curriculum
In 12 Video Master Classes, You Will Learn:
  • How to Create a Plan to Apply to College with Timelines, Deadlines, Templates, Reminders & Checklists
  • How to Find the RIGHT Colleges for YOU
  • What Colleges Are Looking For
  • How to Write your Best College Essay
  • How to Get Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • How to BOOST your Extra-Curriculars
  • How to Create A Personal Brand to Stand Out
  • How to Strengthen your Academics
  • How to Make Teacher Recommendations WORK
  • How to Find your Career Options
  • Tips and Tricks to put the Icing on the Cake for Flawless Applications and Maximum Success
  • How to Stop Procrastinating
  • How to Study for Your Learning Type
  • How to Stay Consistent
  • Managing Stress & Staying Healthy
  • College Navigator Forum Moderated By An AIM Expert Where You Can Ask Questions & Seek Personal Advice
And we are giving you a library of
AIM College Prep Sessions with Colleges & Experts
You want the best for your child, and so do we.
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$47/Month - 12 Months
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Pre-Recorded College Application Master Classes
Monthly Live Q&A with an AIM College Expert
AIM College Prep Workbook with Templates, Action Items, Timelines and Checklists
College App Reminders, Updates & Notifications
Financial Aid Class (FAFSA, CSS, International Student Profile)
Research Hub with Accredited Resources for College Searches
Navigator Forum
(moderated by an AIM College Counseling Expert)
Access to College Info Sessions &
Virtual College Fairs
$0/Month - 12 Months
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AIM College Prep Workbook & Other Downloadable Material with Templates, Action Items, Timelines and Checklists
College App Reminders, Updates & Notifications
Research Hub with Accredited Resources for College Searches & Summer Programs
Access to College Info Sessions &
Virtual College Fairs
* The AIM College Navigator Membership Program is designed specifically for ANY
11th Grader / Lower Sixer / Student Starting College in 2022
How is this Different from
AIM's signature
College Advising Program (CAP)?
Our College Advising Program is a 1:1 Program with specific hours allocated to Essays, Financial Aid, Strategic Planning.

The College Navigator is a self-taught online hub with access to overflowing amounts of information and monthly webinars to provide guidance through the college application process.
Why Should I Join?
"My main concern was that [AIM] was going to cost an arm and leg, but even if it did, the result would have been worth it... when you do the opportunity cost, you realize that it is wayyyy cheaper for you to invest at this stage in your child's future than to spend up to 3000% more on tuition."
- Mangu Carnegie, AIM Class of 2019

Over the past 10 years, we have been trying to figure out how to make your college dreams more accessible...

we hear you loud and clear!

We want every student to know HOW to beat the odds and stand out from the rest.
How to brand yourself, how to communicate your value proposition and how to prepare a compelling enough application to the list of colleges MOST likely to give you the scholarships and financial aid you need.
For the low price of $47/month you can get an ONLINE GPS to reach your goal with minimum hassle and maximum ease.

The AIM College Navigator will help your child maximize his / her potential in the college admissions process, get in to the best fit college, while keeping more money in your pocket and steering you clear of debt - all without leaving your home.
* The AIM College Navigator Membership Program is designed specifically for
11th Graders / Lower Sixers / Students Planning to Go To College in 2022 and is open to students of
ANY English Speaking Nationality/Citizenship
Find Out if the AIM College Navigator Club is Right FOR YOUR CHILD
Here's What Some of Our Past AIMers Had To Say About the
AIM College App Program
As a student, you don't really have that much experience with regards to college applications. AIM is specifically designed to help students with the college application process... so why wouldn't you want to go to AIM? They have all of this experience, expertise, resources and a huge network that's all geared towards you getting to the college that you want to go to. 

Alex Ashley, AIM Class of 2018
AIM cares about the growth and success of each student and provides numerous resources for each student to have a successful tertiary education. [I was most impressed by] the actual care that all consultants put towards my personal and academic growth. I was always pushed to be better and do better at all times.

Kianna Freeman, AIM Class of 2019
* The AIM College Navigators Membership Program is designed specifically for
Students Starting College in 2022

* AIM works with students of ALL Citizenships from ANYWHERE in the world
Q: What is the main difference between AIM's usual College Prep program and College Navigator?
A: AIM College Navigator is 100% online. Registration will grant access to an online portal that will be filled with college prep information in the form of videos, graphics, downloadable material and forums. All Q&A sessions will take place via Zoom. Additionally, it is a subscription service whereby monthly payments determine your access to the online services. You must complete the 12 month membership once you have begun your subscription.
Q: Will we be getting guidance writing our essay and applying for scholarships?
A: College Navigator comes equipped with pre-recorded College Application Master Classes which will include brainstorming exercises and general guidance on how to write your essays. Additional 1:1 personalized essay help is available by booking an AIM Essay Consultation with one of our Essay Specialists at www.aimonlineacademy.com/bookasession (not included in the cost of membership).
Q: If my child requires additional support in any aspect of the college application process, can these services be accessed individually?
A: Yes, being a part of the AIM College Navigator Online Membership Club does not bar you from any of AIM's many a la carte services. We offer individualized help with Essays, Financial Aid Forms, College Lists, and Interview Prep. Additionally, we offer One on One Tutoring and SAT/ACT Mock Exams. Please visit www.aimonlineacademy.com/bookasession or email us at [email protected]
Q: Is the club membership fee different from the SAT classes fee?
A: Yes it is. The AIM College Navigator Online Membership Club only covers material concerning the actual College Application process - the forms, the essays, financial aid/scholarships, etc. SAT classes and assistance are not included but more information on those classes can be found at www.aimonlineacademy.com/SATClass. AIM College Navigator Club Membership includes a discount to our SAT Class. AIM also offers One on One Tutoring for standardized testing help, SAT/ACT Mock exams and Bias Testing to determine which exam is better suited for you.
Q: I have another question that's not answered here, can I contact you guys?
A: Sure! You can email us at [email protected], call/text/Whatsapp us at (876) 894-7115 or (876) 371-7817, or DM us on Instagram @aimonlineacademy with any questions you may have about AIM College Navigator Online Membership Club and any other services we offer. AIM is operational Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM.