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Tonia is currently PHd candidate at Oxford University, UK and holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree in Psychological Science and French from Vassar University. Tonia has an undeniable passion for education and the psychology and leadership that go into it. As an undergraduate, Tonia was the president of the Caribbean Student's org, a media ambassador, and held many roles in the residential life.

Before Vassar, Tonia attended United World College where she worked as an English tutor and essay coach and pioneered a city-wide anti-discrimination workshop. In preparation for her dream of a career in Education Research and Child Development, Tonia has worked at education technology startups and has been invited to participate and speak at international conferences for Education.

Tonia understands competitive college admission first-hand, and has also been an AIM consultant for the past 4 and a half years with special focus on tailoring college admission essays to stand out. Her passion for education and student success fuels AIMers success.
Lia graduated from Wellesley College in 2021 with a BA in Anthropology and Spanish, where she was awarded the coveted honor of Commencement Speaker. She recently completed an MA in Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation at the University of Sussex.
A former AIMer and AIM intern herself, Lia is uniquely placed to relate and connect with students going through the college admissions process. She has always had a passion for learning and commitment to excellence. Her winning approach has seen her serving as Managing Editor and copy editor of the Unplug Collective, an active student representative of the Wellesley Fund and now a published author. She cites as "magnificent" her journey to becoming an author, and brings to AIM this deep love for writing and a gift for helping students find their unique voice in their college applications. She enjoys coaching students and supporting them to find their best-fit university and thrive in their lives.
12 years ago, Nicole founded AIM when her work as an interviewer for her alma-mater, Princeton University brought her face to face with students who desperately needed guidance in the college admission and scholarship processes. Having prepared for a career in economic development, Nicole boldly resigned from her position as Senior Policy Analyst to the then Minister of Education, now Prime Minister Andrew Holness, to start AIM with just two students. Parents continue to seek Nicole for the impact she has on teenagers – how she pushes them to adopt empowering perspectives and to pursue their wildest and largest dreams possible.

Under her leadership, AIM has helped countless students maximize their SAT scores, achieve academic success and gain admission to their top choice and best-fit colleges, with over US$120 million in scholarships to date. AIMers have been admitted Universities all over the world to pursue their passions from dance to bioinformatics at specialized institutes, and to the most competitive institutions in the world including Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom and all 8 Ivy League Universities in the United States. Beyond the name, Nicole firmly believes that finding the best-fit college for each teen, where he/she can thrive and discover their path, is the ideal outcome.
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