21 Jun 2022
There are a lot of myths floating around about the college application. We're here to debunk 5 of them just for you.
17 Jun 2022
Get our expert analysis on the admissions trends for the Class of 2022, and what the Class of 2023 and 2024 can expect.
10 Jun 2022
Hear Tajhini's story of success... including big dreams and a 120% fully funded ride to Smith College!
7 Jun 2022
The summer job interview may be the first SERIOUS interview that any person undertakes in their lifetime. We're here to help you get prepared.
3 Jun 2022
Whether you're doing the SAT or school leaving exam or just a simple in class test... test anxiety can be brutal! Get our best tips on how to beat it.
31 May 2022
Don't let the SAT overwhelm you. You can do this. Hear from AIM's expert tutors on how to crush it every time.
25 May 2022
Summer time is prime college application building time. Without the pressures of academics, you have the opportunity to show colleges all of the OTHER things that you're interested in by using your summer break to dive in.
20 May 2022
Thinking about college can leave you mind-boggled. Let's get you started with the first step: RESEARCHING WHICH COLLEGES ARE BEST FOR YOU.
12 Apr 2022
We thought that the SAT would be redundant after the COVID-19 standardized testing fiasco... but we were wrong! It may be more important now than ever!
6 Apr 2022
Whether you've been accepted, waitlisted or rejected, the journey does not end here. Check out our advice on the best steps to take AFTER you get your letters.
14 Mar 2022
Regular Decision Notifications Dates for the Class of 2022!
14 Mar 2022
Thinking about college can be daunting, overwhelming, intimidating... But we promise that the worst part is getting started. We have the answers. Read this to get started.
4 Mar 2022
College counselling isn't a luxury service... it's necessary if you want to put your best foot forward to get the best results possible on your college application journey!
25 Feb 2022
International student applications have been decreasing for the past year due to the uncertainty of COVID-19... but not anymore!
18 Feb 2022
Organisation can feel like the hardest thing on the planet. Let's help get your organisational skills in tip top shape!
14 Feb 2022
Choosing extracurricular activities shouldn't be random and ways to "kill time". Learn how to choose meaningful extracurricular activites for your college applications.
4 Feb 2022
As COVID-19 continues to rear its ugly head across the globe, colleges maintain their test optional status for years to come. But how optional is optional?
26 Jan 2022
Learn how to tackle procrastination, especially as it relates to your college applications.
26 Jan 2022
What does this mean for you (the student), and what does this mean for us?
24 Jan 2022
Explaining the importance of the sometimes forgotten Mid-Year Report in your college applications.