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Founder & CEO of AIM Online Academy
Nicole McLaren Campbell is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, goal accelerator strategist, Amazon best-selling author and founder of AIM Educational Services.

AIM revolutionized the preparation of students for college - guiding scores of students to the most prestigious universities in the world, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the United Kingdom and all 8 Ivy League institutions in the United States. Her passion for education would not be possible without the academic guidance she received from St. Andrew High School for Girls, Phillips Academy 'Andover', Princeton University and the University of London's School of Advanced Study and School of African and Oriental Studies.


The go-getting outspoken persona we know on social media today did not bloom yesterday. At the tender age of fourteen she was featured on the Nickelodeon Channel in a documentary "Nickellenium" and chosen by Teen People Magazine as one of "twenty teenagers who would change the world," following her participation in MIT's Junior Summit in 1998. Fast forward to the college graduate, her hard working charisma led to jobs in Jamaica's public sector at the then Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce and the Ministry of Education where she served as Senior Policy Analyst to the then Minister of Education, now Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

After abandoning policy making and delving deeper into life as an educator, Nicole was inspired to start the AIM Higher Foundation with a mandate to identify and empower promising low-income students so that they too can unlock their potential through access to tertiary education. Her vision is to inspire youth globally to AIM Higher. Further to that end, she serves on the Boards of the Early Childhood Commission, the HEART Trust/NTA, the Jamaica Tertiary Education Committee and the CHASE Fund in Jamaica.

Regarded as one of the most influential voices on empowerment, education, parenting and entrepreneurship, Nicole was selected to speak at the Paris Headquarters of UNESCO as part of the Give1 Foundation Emerging Global Leaders Conference and presented with their Women In Leadership Award in 2017 and recognized by the highest office in Jamaica - that of the Governor General - when she was named a 2018 recipient of the Governor General's Award for Excellence in Achievement and Leadership. In 2019, she was appointed National Productivity Ambassador by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica.

She is wife to Jeffrey, mom to 8-year old LC, 6-year-old Joshua and 'bonus-mom' to 12-year-old Ally. A self-professed inspirational quote junkie, her personal motto is "AIM High and Be Bold" and her mission is to squeeze every ounce of life from life.
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