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We serve students in Grade 7-12 based in the US, Canada, UK & the Caribbean
All Sessions take place via Online Video Conferencing
Your first step to strategizing your college application journey.
An hour long session detailing the drivers of the application, complete with a comprehensive strategy report that's yours to keep!
Need help brainstorming, editing or proofreading those college essays? Stuck and need to bounce your ideas off of one of our expert essay readers? 
This 1 hour session is for you!
Did you know that the courses you do in high school matter in your college application process? We'll help you choose the best CSEC, CAPE, GCSE/IGCSE and IB courses based on your college dreams.
We'll develop a comprehensive personalized strategy plan for your college journey, including a list of suggested schools based on your academic and non-academic profile, family finances and career goals.
An hour long session to review your college application (Common App, UCAS, OCAS, etc.) once you have completed it.
Does not include essay reviews.
From assessing your family's finances to filling out the forms correctly, we'll assist with a personalized strategy plan for financial aid applications along your college journey. 
Decide whether The SAT or The ACT is
the Right Exam For You
Practice your SAT / ACT / PSAT Test Taking Skills
(Only For Students Not Enrolled In SAT Class)
Personalized Virtual Tutoring Sessions
for SAT / ACT / PSAT Preparation
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