Class of 2022 Admission Trends... And What They Mean For You, Class of 2023

It's that time of year when just about everyone interested in going to college in the US, Canada or the UK have received responses to their applications. What is important to note is that every single application response you receive forms part of a large data gathering process that we use to determine some trends in admissions processes to help secure better college placement results for future cohorts.

2022 is no different and many interesting and paradigm shifting trends have been noted in this year's admissions trends. Why is it important to take note of admissions trends? Well, it's one of the best ways to figure out what's going on in the minds of the admissions committee members! 

Unfortunately, the journey to university is (for lack of a better word) competitive. Why not get ahead of the competition and assess how admissions went down this year, so you can strategize your BEST SHOT for next year?

Here are some Class of 2022 Admissions Trends that we think you should be paying attention to... and that our team of college counselling experts is DEFINITELY paying attention to as well.

Applications are on the up and up. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a lot of changes for college admissions. Schools all across the world had to relax some requirements in order to make applying to college easier and "level" the playing field... and students took note of that.
Many more people are now able to apply to and attend a college of their choice (maybe even ones they weren't confident enough to apply to before) because of changes to the process, including relaxed standardised testing rules.
Not only did applications increase per college, the Common App also registered an increase in applications per individual student. What does that mean? That means the process has just gotten even more competitive. You have to bring your A game!
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This one is unsurprising. Many more schools have opted to implement test-optional admissions, colleges who already had these arrangements in place have extended them and some have even indicated that they will be instituting them permanently.
You can take a look at our article on test-optional admissions for more information on the advantages and disadvantages of test-optional admissions, and you can decide whether this is a good option for you.
It's important to note here that test optional really means OPTIONAL. As much as you may opt out of it, there are thousands of students who are opting in. What does that mean? If you and another applicant were to come head to head for the final spot at a college, and you both had similar applications. Same GPA. Same class rigor. Same amount of extracurricular activities and leadership positions. But the other applicant has an SAT score, and you don't? The admissions team may rule in favour of the SAT score student because they CHOSE to go the extra mile, while you didn't. So choose wisely.
Colleges are making an extra effort to re-up the rate of international student applications following the decline in international applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. International students add tremendous value to a university. Not only do they generate more revenue than their local counterparts; but, they also add geographic and cultural diversity to the campus. Recognising this, colleges are driving up their campaigns to enrol more international students-- especially as conversations of diversity, equity and inclusion are on the rise in the collegiate space.
Some colleges have done the unprecedented this year - placed students directly to the waitlist in the early decision round, bypassing deferral. Coupled, with college admissions offices attempting to maneuvre the increasing volume of applications while meeting enrolment targets, more and more students can expect to be waitlisted in this cohort and even in years to come.
It's SUPER important then, to add "waitlisted" as an expected option when finally hearing back from colleges. But waitlists aren't rejections. Even more important is knowing what to do if you find yourself on the waitlist
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