HER Story: 2022 AIM Higher Foundation Scholar, Tajhini Brown

Meet Tajhini Brown.
She is an 18 year old student getting ready to complete her last year at the Immaculate Conception High School for Girls. Safe to say she is spending her last days at ICHS preparing to head off to Northampton, Massachusetts come this August 2022 to attend to her FULLY FUNDED college education at Smith College.
Tajhini's journey to Smith College is simply incredible. Growing up in Jamaica, she dreamt of going to college overseas, but felt deeply that it would not be her reality. She watched her mother work incredibly hard as a domestic worker, and inherited her determined work ethic. Though she was a brilliant student, she felt that pursuing her dreams of going to college in the USA was too expensive and therefore, out of reach - as many Caribbean people believe.
Tajhini soon made her dream known to her uncle, who insisted on funding her participation in AIM's SAT Class in 2020. Despite not being able to fund the entirety of her college education, her family believed that with the help of AIM, Tajhini could snag a good enough scholarship to live out her dreams.
After going through AIM's SAT Class, Tajhini improved her SAT score by 220 points (a 50 point increase is the average jump for SAT scores after US based test prep services). Finishing with a final SAT score of 1380 (out of 1600), she already saw just how valuable AIM could be in her college journey. And so without hesitation, she applied to be an AIM Higher Foundation Scholar. 

We'll let Tajhini tell the rest of her story! We asked her some questions about her journey as an AIM Higher Foundation scholar. Here's what she had to say.

How did you start attending AIM and how did you transition to becoming an AIM Higher Foundation scholarship recipient?

I started AIM in December, 2020 for SAT classes. I had spent the better portion of that summer exploring my options college application help as well as SAT classes. After that research, I felt that AIM would be the best choice for SAT and college prep help for the price. After sitting the SATs with AIM, they kept in touch which made it easy for me to reach out and ask about their AIM Higher program which I had heard about on Instagram. I decided to apply because as I researched more into college apps, it felt like something I couldn't complete without some form of assistance. I reached out asking about the program and they said they would let me know when the application became available. Once it was, I applied and was successful.

What did receiving the scholarship mean for you and your academic journey?

Receiving the scholarship really allowed me to relax a little as I was pretty stressed about the entire process and not having to worry about the cost of receiving the guidance I needed was a very big relief. I knew that capable hands would be assisting me. As for my academic journey, it made me more motivated.

What are your career goals? What schools did you apply to? What was your dream school?

I will be studying Computer Science in college and intend to become a Software/ Computer Engineer. Eventually I'll do a MS/PhD program in something computer related. My dream college was Yale University. I applied to: Howard, Amherst College, Yale, Princeton, NYU, Northwestern, UMiami, Wellesley, Smith College, University of Chicago, Carleton College, Lawrence University, Lafayette, Grinnell, Rice, Hamilton and Wesleyan.

What is your personal mantra?
My personal mantra is just to go after what I want. Always. Just having confidence and most importantly growth is exponential. Doing a little bit of work today towards what I want will continuously compound until I have reached my goals.

Who is the person who motivates you the most?
I wouldn't say there is a specific person but my family really believes in me and I think their belief in my ability for greatness motivates me to strive towards achieving that greatness.

Do you have a secret talent?
I'm a whole magician.

Where will you be going off to in the fall and what will you be studying? How do you feel?
I'll be attending Smith in the fall where I'll be studying Computer Science, I'm happy about it and and little bit anxious, as everyone going off to college usually is. I'm very excited to be somewhere new. Not so sure how I'll weather the cold though.

What's your financial aid package like?
I received full financial aid package as well as money to get settled when I arrive at Smith which is so great because I don't think I would be going to college without it.

Smith is an all female college. How do you feel about attending another all-female institution?
I feel great about it. Attending the Immaculate Conception High School showed me the benefits of going to a unisex school and I'm sure I'll continue to experience those benefits at Smith, such as the camaraderie and support of a sisterhood.

Do you believe this will impact your integration into the wider working world where you will have to begin engaging with men?
I think going into Tech, a male-dominated field, from an all women's college will be a transition but I don't think I'm being disadvantaged in anyway.

How do you intend to use the education, training and exposure you receive in college to influence the development of your community and country?
I made a joke once with my friend that we'd become software engineers so that we could revamp all the Jamaican websites because they were so hard to navigate. But on a more serious note, I think technological literacy is really important especially in this day and age when it's becoming such a big part of our lives and I hope I can play a part in making Jamaica more technologically literate, eventually becoming the technological hub of the Caribbean.

What, in your opinion, is the key to success?
I'd say just being confident and trying and keeping at it. Sometimes giving up seems easy especially when you compare yourself to others and feel you aren't where you should be but trying, even a little bit every day, works.

What would you say to a student interested in enrolling to the AIM Online Academy?
You won't regret it. AIM works! You'll meet some of the nicest people there and you never have to worry. They have your best interest at heart, always, and will ensure you reach your full potential!
After a grueling 2 years of dealing with COVID-19, shifting SAT exam dates, uncertainties about extracurricular activities and postponement of CAPE, Tajhini came out on top. She will be a part of Smith College's Class of 2026, with enough scholarship money to not only attend, but to also put in her pocket to help with moving and living expenses. 
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