Consider Canada for College

If you're in the process of figuring out which colleges and universities would be best for living out your college dreams, this is a gentle reminder not to limit your options to the United States!
More and more, colleges in Canada are increasing their international student admissions and providing big scholarships, too. Another perk of going to college in Canada as an international student? You are allowed to work part time during the school year and full time outside of the school year without a work permit. But it gets better... once you graduate, you are eligible to work for up to THREE YEARS, after which you may be eligible to apply for residency (if that's the path you choose).
These work / career opportunities during and after your tertiary studies are certainly not as easy in the United States... which is why there has been a steady increase in the number of students choosing to study in Canada since the start of the new millennium.
Here's a list of some of the top schools in Canada that are offering great financial support to international students:
Simon Fraser University
Dalhousie University
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary
University of Montreal
Carleton University
Seneca College
University of Alberta
University of Waterloo
Queen's University
University of Toronto
Nova Scotia
Vancouver, British Columbia
Kingston, Ontario
  • The Canadian education system, including the application process for college, is quite different from the US. For the most part, each school has its own application guidelines and admissions requirements, and many schools are not available on the Common Application.
  • Canada has two official languages - French and English. Some schools use both or either one as their main language. Be sure that you select a school whose language you'll be able to learn in.
  • Make sure, like with US college applications, you do your research. Canada differs from the US culturally; so, it would be useful to research and learn more about these differences and make the best decision for your future.
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