Application Deadlines & Early App Decision Dates 2022-2023

As you are studying for exit exams and writing brilliant essays, it's important to always keep application deadlines on the sticky side of your mind. You don't want to find yourself with a solid college application, and nothing to do with it, because you've missed the deadline.

Most college applications opened on August 1, 2022 for students who intend to begin school next Fall (2023).

Your deadlines are indicated based on the application window you are utilising. The application windows include: Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision and Rolling Admission.

Defining the application window types:

Early Action (EA) is a process by which "students apply early and receive a decision well in advance of the institution's regular response date." (NACAC)

Early Decision (ED) is a mode of admission through which "students make a commitment to a first-choice institution where, if admitted, they definitely will enroll and withdraw all other applications." (NACAC)

The noteworthy distinction is that early decision is binding. It is, essentially, a contract between the applicant and the institution and is a definitive commitment of enrolment once accepted (and once the parent can afford to pay).

Regular Decision
This is the most commonly utilised application window. Application deadlines for this window are normally in January/ February, with decisions being made announced by May.

Rolling Admission
With this window, schools provide students with the opportunity to submit applications over a longer time period... usually up to 6 months. These colleges review applications as they come in and notify successful candidates accordingly.

Here's what the admissions deadlines for Fall 2023 look like:






November 2022
November 2022
Jan / Feb 2023


December 2022
December 2022
March / April 2023
Within 4-6 weeks


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