Beat Exam Anxiety

If the thought of doing an exam makes you weak in the knees... you're not alone. Studies show that between 40 to 60% of all test takers experience exam anxiety at some point.
It is very normal to feel stress and anxiety as you prepare to sit exams. But, this anxiety can sometimes lead to us performing below our best potential, so we have to develop strategies to help manage exam anxieties.
Here are 5 Tips on how to beat exam anxiety from the AIM Team.
This one is a no-brainer. The earlier you start your exam prep, the less anxiety you will feel as the exam rolls around. Early preparation is a surefire way to reduce the amount of undue stress you experience before an exam. When you start earlier, you are way more comfortable with the material and more confident when being assessed.
Be sure to include past paper practice in your preparation to ensure that you are getting acquainted with how the questions are asked and how to respond for the best grade possible. Be sure to have a teacher or even another peer review your work and give you corrections, comments and notes for improvement.
Structure and routine are crucial to success. They also can help to reduce the anxiety felt when approaching any test (even your driving test).
A good point to remember is that there are many different learning and studying styles. Most of the frustration students experience with studying, comes from trying to study using a method that simply doesn't work for them. So find your learning style and maximise your potential. If you need one, be sure to get a study guide/ tutor or even a peer to be your accountability buddy.
The key is to set a routine and be disciplined enough to stick to it even when the motivation isn't quite there. "Sticktoitiveness" is what will keep you grounded and keep you winning!
Proper hydration and nutrition are absolutely crucial to ensuring that you are operating optimally in your studies, which, in turn, reduces the stress and anxiety of the exam prep process.
It's instinctive for some students to resort to drinking lots of coffee and other energy drinks to give them boosts of energy and allow them to stay up late to study and sharpen their focus during the exam. But sometimes your answer isn't a shot of caffeine. The best thing you can do for your body and brain in these moments is SLEEP. In fact, caffeine isn't everyone's friend and can actually cause anxiety and restlessness and event loss of valuable rest, all of which you want to avoid when you're approaching tests.
Positive self-talk is super underestimated. If you envision yourself as a winner, then, win you will. Do not approach your exams, even your weakest areas, with a defeatist attitude. Always give your best shot and understand that your best is good enough and where there is a need for improvement, allow yourself grace and time to progress at a pace that is both comfortable for you and that aligns with your goals.
Remember that anxiety is normal and expected. In fact, if you aren't at all nervous, then maybe you should be. The trick is to not allow the anxiety to hinder, you but rather propel you to excellence.
It's okay not to have all the answers. Your parents won't have them either. Some students require specialist assistance with exam preparation. This can range from seeking a counsellor to guide you through scheduling and routine development, to diagnosis and intervention for learning disabilities. Be proactive in seeking out the help you need so you have as much time as possible to utilise these resources and maximise your performance ability.
Exam prep is HARD! But that's why we're here, at AIM, ready to help guide you to acing all your exams. Here at the AIM Online Academy, we care about only one thing - ensuring that you WIN!
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