How To Know Which Colleges To Apply To

Right now many kids are on holiday, while some are wrapping up exams – GOOD LUCK!

I wanted to share a little bit about our process of building COLLEGE LISTS because you could have the best profile – work hard for years, have HIGH SAT score – and the wrong list will torpedo it all!

... so where do we start?
When I was applying to college my dad told me I needed a FULL scholarship in order to go to college! So, I ONLY focused on colleges that gave LARGE need-based Financial Aid and merit-based Scholarships to International Students.
We see too many students apply, get in, but don't get enough money – they come to us AFTER to ask for our help in finding scholarships – but by then it is too late, so they don't end up going!

This is why we START with the family's budget!

Last year 100% of our Private Consulting students received the scholarships needed to matriculate to Universities in the US and Canada.
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