I Didn't Get In! Now What?

What to do if you didn't get into your top choice?
The bittersweet season of college decisions has begun and while many of us are overjoyed, some of us may feel disappointed that we didn't get into our top-choice universities. AIM is here to remind you that REJECTION IS REDIRECTION.

No school defines whether you will be successful in life or not. Only YOU can determine that. Life will bring setbacks and disappointments, and they will keep coming at you, so if you are learning to feel the pain and move to PlanB, then you are learning a life skill.

Dwelling on the past will only bring forth negative emotions. Focus on the options you still have moving forward. Here are some solutions to consider:

  • Accept Another University Offer
    Begin to focus on the pros of the universities you were accepted to. If you can, visit the university, spend time on campus talking to current students, and visit the libraries and general facilities. You may be surprised and find that your best-fit school is an option after all.
  • Take a gap year and consider reapplying if you think you can use that year to improve your profile significantly.
    A gap year can advance your college profile and give you a boost to reapply the following year if utilized correctly.
  • Look At Other University Options
    Maybe you applied to the most competitive schools with low acceptance rates. Consider looking at schools with later deadlines or rolling admissions
  • Consider a Transfer after a Year or Community Colleges
    Transfer admissions rates are significantly higher than freshmen admit rates. The only thing is that if you're international, there might be less scholarships available. Community Colleges typically offer two-year programs. You can begin taking credits toward a bachelor's degree. With a strong application, you can transfer to any school of your choice, even an Ivy League school!


The truth is admissions rates are dropping as more and more high schoolers compete for limited positions. Remember that rejection is always redirection. Focus on your plan of action. Being rejected doesn't put your life on pause. You can still become successful, with hard work and determination.
Written by: Breanna Ellis
AIM College Counselor
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