I Submitted My College Applications - Now What?

So now that you've gone through the stress of submitting your college applications... What next?

That period between submitting college applications and awaiting results is like those few days between Christmas and New Years - but on a continuous loop LOL.

Here are a few tips on how to get over the hump and avoid feeling too anxious when awaiting your college application results.
The college application process is super duper stressful and now that you've submitted, allow yourself to take one big, deep breath. Remember that at this point, there is absolutely nothing you can do other than be patient and have confidence in the strength of your application. This is a time to deep-breathe and revel in the joy of the moment. Use this time to conduct some well-needed introspection and self-evaluation. Reflect on the process of compiling your application... Did you discover anything new about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Really take this time to think about who you are and who you want to be, this awareness will be very critical as you start college.
It's very important that you stay informed and stay informed on how to stay informed.
  • Colleges have standard estimated response times. Research and record the response times for each institution.
  • Several colleges have their own online application portals. Once you submit applications, you'll typically receive a confirmation email with login credentials for the site. Make sure you're recording these credentials somewhere you'll have access to them.
  • Continue to check your emails (including Junk and Spam) for confirmation emails and other application related updates.
  • It's okay to follow up! If after a college's typical response time, you still haven't been notified, there's no harm in reaching out to follow up on the status of your application.
Now is the time to submit applications for the other colleges you were interested in. This is also a perfect time to review your application and see if you missed anything or if you made any errors and make the necessary changes before submitting any more applications.

Sidebar: While you aren't allowed to make any modifications to the online application. Some colleges will accept emailed corrections and / or additions.
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It's always good to be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of the colleges you're applying to. So, even after you hit "submit", continue to research your prospective schools to stay abreast of any developments, especially in your areas of interest.
Feel free to reach out directly to professors who you're interested in meeting and / or working with. Most schools have a directory of faculty with their email addresses. Begin creating relationships and staying in the loop about what's going on at your prospective school(s).
It's very tempting to start lazing around once you've submitted your college apps. But please fight the urge and continue to keep your grades up and secure those stellar exit exam grades to keep your GPA and overall performance standard high. Keeping your academics as well as your extracurriculars in check is absolutely crucial as colleges typically request updates on achievements and accomplishments - especially for students who've been waitlisted.
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Author: Nicole McLaren Campbell
Nicole is founder of AIM Educational Services (now AIM Online Academy) and the Teen Success Club. Nicole is a college counseling expert and has been helping students for more than 10 years attain their college dreams.

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