Dartmouth College Goes Need Blind For International Students

As of 2022, Dartmouth College has now joined the exclusive list of US universities offering admissions to prospective undergraduate students from around the world, regardless of their ability to pay. Why? One word: diversity.
Announced in January 2022, Dartmouth has officially made the big move of going "need blind" for all applicants - including international students. For the first time in the college's history, foreign applicants will be treated the same as US citizens in the admissions process. If the family income is determined to be insufficient to facilitate the $80,000 annual tuition and accommodation fees, then Dartmouth will offer financial aid once the student has been accepted. 
"Talent is spread all across the world. We want to remove any financial barriers. This move benefits every student on campus, not just international ones. Tomorrow's leaders have become global citizens. By us bringing together students from all over the world... they will learn from their peers."
- Philip Hanlon, President of Dartmouth
Dartmouth was able to pull off this big feat as a result of a $40 million gift from an anonymous donor - the single largest scholarship gift in Dartmouth's 253 year history. 
In Financial Aid terms, Need Blind is when a college or university does NOT factor your ability to pay in your college admissions decision. Usually once accepted, the school will meet your financial needs - wherever and whatever they are.
The opposite of Need Blind is NEED BASED, which is how the majority of universities across the United States determine acceptances and financial aid packages. This is when your family's ability to pay influences whether you receive an acceptance letter or not. 
As of January 14, 2022, Dartmouth joins the band of only five (now six) schools in the US that offer need blind admissions with full rides for international students. Meeting 100% of demonstrated need regardless of citizenship are now Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT, Yale University, Amherst College and Dartmouth College.
PS. Dartmouth may be need blind, but they aren't test blind (even though they are test optional). If a college isn't test blind, having a strong standardized test (SAT or ACT) score can really have the competitiveness of your application in a good way. Thinking about doing the SAT? Check out AIM's SAT Class HERE.
This means that if you meet all other requirements for Dartmouth admissions (strong grades, extracurricular involvement, well-written Common App & supplemental essays, convincing recommendations, and so on...) and gain acceptance, there is now the possibility of receiving 100% financial aid as an international student. Dartmouth has since reported that if your combined parental income & assets total less than $125,000US, you will be eligible for significant financial aid.
The Dartmouth community is more than prepared to see international applications skyrocket during the next admissions cycle (Class of 2027). Will you be one of those applicants?
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The courtesy of need blind admissions has always been extended to applicants based in the United States. The move to extend this courtesy to all applicants does not affect your chances of acceptance or financial aid in any way. What it will influence is the diversity of the backgrounds, cultures, personalities and ideas that you will be allowed to mingle with during your college experience.
"International students bring an incredible mix of perspectives and life experiences. They enrich classroom discussion as well as casual conversations in the library, the lab, on the sidelines of a game, or in the dining hall."
- David Kotz '86, Interim Provost
Adopting this universal need-blind admissions policy is but one component of Dartmouth's $500 million plan to extend educational opportunity through financial aid efforts. The institution is currently working on positioning itself at the forefront of global colleges and universities through a commitment to educational access for low and middle income students.
Dartmouth has already eliminated student loans for families earning less than $125,000US, and are providing free rides for students belonging to families earning less than $65,000US. The institution has worked diligently to ensure that every student has the necessary financial support to participate in off-campus and international student programs as well. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Dartmouth awarded a total of more than $102 million in financial aid, and looks forward to providing more transformational educational opportunities for students of the world.
But there's always two sides to every story, and with recent allegations concerning a shared financial aid formula among Ivy League universities, we always have to tread these college applications lightly and put our best foot forward every time (despite financial status). Read more about that story HERE.
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