What You Need For Jobs Of The Future (& What They Are!)

It's what keeps parents up at night, and students in a lot of angst ... especially as college time approaches!

First things first the world HAS changed and IS changing... RAPIDLY! And the jobs of the future are coming fast and furious... but good news the CORE skills you need are still the same :-)

Some of us know what general area we want to get into; some have no idea. The truth is that without knowledge and exposure, it's impossible to know what you can actually DO given your interests.

The first thing to note is that the lawyer, doctor, Indian Chief trope is now behind us and all over the world people are embarking on careers that thrill and stimulate them while, of course, providing them with financial stability.
First and foremost, you've got to have COURAGE. It takes tremendous guts to pursue your passions especially where these passions are unconventional. Parents remember... the world you knew is different from this emerging world!

COMMITMENT and sticktoitiveness is another key ingredient to successful career planning. Are you willing to spend years honing the skills required for your chosen career path?

SOFT SKILLS are super crucial in this area. You will require soft skills to identify your career path, secure employment and keep your job. Soft skills are absolutely crucial to successful professional development. A whopping 92% of career executives state that soft skills are just as, if not more, important than technical skills. However, 89% state that they have trouble finding employees who are equipped with the soft skills. Be in the 11%! What is wonderfulIs that these skills can be developed over time through socialisation and involvement. So get involved and get to the winning!

Consider the MISSION AND VISION (yes, they're different!) that you have for your life. Ensure that whatever career you choose and whatever field of study you pursue, these are aligning with your personal goals and setting you on a path to living your best life! Consider what kind of mark you would like to leave on the world (for help with that sign up with the TEEN SUCCESS CLUB today).
No matter what career you choose, it is wise to have preparation in the Core 5 areas - English, Math (as advanced as possible please), Science, Social Science and Foreign Language.

If you know you are leaning towards Science or Engineering or Computer / Tech for example, double down on Math and Science. If you're more interested in Humanities, still take challenging Math and Science (colleges value this!), but look at opportunities to level up in Humanities subjects. After you have the Core 5 then you can look at electives, example if you're interested in Green Design choose Environmental Science and Art if possible.

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We already spoke of pursuing extracurricular passions, employ those same principles in identifying your passion and skill set.

What do people normally tell you that you are good at?
What do you think you're good at?
What can you see yourself doing for the rest of your life or at least 10 years of your life?

You are at an age of tremendous self-discovery, there are so many things to try, try as many new things as you can and find your niche. Ask your parents to help you land an internship. Google it - there are so many fun online courses and ways to learn. Find books on it. Interview someone in that career area. Always remember a career choice is not final. You can change your mind, change your course of study and change direction. The world is your oyster, literally!

The SUMMER is a great opportunity to explore and build skills - and RIGHT NOW AIM is helping our '23 and '24 students land summer programs and internships.

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Earning potential is a super duper important consideration when thinking about career choices. You shouldn't have to choose between pursuing your passions and having a sense of financial security. Here's what the Business Insider has to say about the Top Paying Jobs of the Future.
Not only are new sectors being founded, but other longstanding industries are being revolutionised, especially with new technologies and the 'new normal'. Here are a few such industries and some of the careers emerging from them:

Medicine, Medical Sciences and Health Services
Health Informatics Specialist
Clinical Analyst
Biomedical Engineer
Epigenetic Analyst
Hospital/ Healthcare Administrator

Computer Science and Information Technology
Artificial Intelligence Development
Animation, Web and Game Design and Development
Data Scientist/ Data Analyst
UX/UI Design and Development
Robotics Engineer

Natural and Applied Science
Climate Change Analyst
Environmental Scientist

Geography, Land Management and Agriculture
Land Valuation Management
Urban and Regional Development and Planning
Urban Farming

Digital Media, Production and Marketing
New Media/ Data Analytics Specialist
New Media/ Marketing Strategist
Graphic Designer
Audio Engineer

This list is, by no measure, exhaustive; but, it's a good start to looking into more specific areas of study and work. You can also take a look at these Top 10 Jobs of the Future.

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Author: Nicole McLaren Campbell
Nicole is founder of AIM Educational Services (now AIM Online Academy) and the Teen Success Club. Nicole is a college counseling expert and has been helping students for more than 10 years attain their college dreams.

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