Procrastination & How To Beat It As A Teen

Okay, let's get real honest! How many times have you held off on completing a task, that was either really simple or even one that required your efforts over an extended period of time, until the last minute and end up completely regretting in the end? Only to end up in that same position in the not-so-distant future. Just repeating the cycle, on an endless continuum of unproductive dread! Such is the nature of the disease that has plagued students, parents and people of all creeds, race and age for eternity - procrastination.
Procrastination is a sure way to get left behind in college. One missed assignment could mean you fail a course, which in turn drops your GPA and causes you to spend more time in college than you need to... And who wants that? But before we even get to college, procrastination is one of the biggest opponents to students not getting the results they want out of their college applications.
We see it every year - students wait until December 31 to start applications due on January 1, students wait until senior year to start participating in extracurriculars, students wait until the day before the deadline to request recommendations and transcripts.
So how do we fix it? A major proponent of procrastination is lack of structure.
Structure helps to get you on track to overcoming the procrastination hurdle. Here are a few tips on how to structure your way out of a procrastination funk:
  • Scheduling: Seems a bit obvious, but scheduling and planning can tremendously decrease the risk of procrastination. A great tool for scheduling? The Teen Success Planner.
  • Project Dissection: Much of the stress of last-minute work comes from the weight of the intensity of how much work needs to be done in such a short time. Here's how we get around that - dissect your projects into small tasks and tackle each of these tasks as your schedule outlines. STICK TO YOUR PLAN!
  • Technology and Accountability Partnerships: It seems a lack of personal accountability has gotten us into this procrastination routine. So what do we do? We turn our fun friend group chat into an accountability network. This way, your friends who (we hope) have your best interest at heart, are able to help you stay on track and maintain focus. The best part is that you'll help them too! It's a win-win for everyone.
    You can also use apps like Clickup (this is a little complex) or Todoist to create your accountability network. The applications also provide notifications and alerts for when tasks are upcoming / overdue etc.
The surefire way to keep yourself on track, is to develop a structure and ensure that all your projects, tasks and responsibilities are carefully included into that structure. It definitely helps to have people and / or applications that can help you stay on top of everything at all times.
If these tips don't help - you may need to seek professional help... and nothing is wrong with that! There are several services at your disposal to help in the process of de-procrastinating your life - one of which is the Teen Success Club!
 The Teen Success Club is a 100% online experience that will help teenagers plan, execute and accelerate goals like a BOSS. We're preparing you for lifetime success and equipping you with the confidence to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We want to help you find your why and tap into your inner motivation... without even leaving the couch!
One of the best ways to combatting procrastination in regards to your journey to college is by having your own COLLEGE COUNSELOR to guide you along the way, and to remind you of all the important activities and deadlines for maximizing your chances of getting in AND getting those scholarships!
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