100% online self-led course filled with MasterClasses, Search Hubs, AIM-Approved Resources and tons of Downloadable Content to help your child get to the college of their dreams. Includes monthly group Q&A session with AIM Counselor.

Our Platinum College Advising Program offers 100% one-on-one support complete with individual meetings, unlimited* essay sessions, comprehensive check ins, interview prep and Whatsapp Group Chat for 24/7** access to your AIM Counselor.

Application via Initial Consultation Required.

Please note that College Application Programs DO NOT include SAT or ACT Prep.
*Essay sessions are unlimited up until the essay deadline as outlined in the College Advising Program Contract.
**24/7 Whatsapp Access does not guarantee immediate response from your counselor. Counselors are required to answer within 24 hours during weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.
"AIM was able to polish my application that allowed me to get into the best liberal arts college in the US, and the chance to meet alumni which led to a wonderful internship at Google."
Gaurnett F.
AIMer, Williams College '22
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