Applications are due up to 1 year before College starts...
Will You Be Ready?
The College Application Process is More Than
Just Filling Out A Form
There is....
Unlocking your passions, gaining hands-on experience and taking your extra curricular activities to the 'next level' to create a HOOK that colleges will be unable to resist
Strategizing how to STAND OUT on the form itself, from what language to use to convey your Unique Value Proposition, to how to order your activities for maximum effect
Knowing how to write tons and tons of #winning essays to showcase your unique voice and values, and captivate admissions officers with your story AND writing skills
Choosing the BEST fit colleges to apply to based on profile, interests, your actual chance of getting in AND getting financial aid and scholarships
Apply to Find Out if AIM 1:1 College Advising is the RIGHT FIT For Your Child NOW
*AIM Platinum College Advising Program Open to Class of 2025
Class of 2024 CLOSED.

*AIM Gold College Advising Program Open to Class of 2026-2028.

Reality Check?
Most High School Curricula Do Not Include Comprehensive College Prep Strategy
And If It Does? It Usually Doesn't Involved A PERSONALIZED Approach.

Most Students and their parents don't know the ins and out of the process to maximize their chances in the way they should.
The College Application CANNOT be one size fits all.

Every student has different passions, interests, academic strengths and weaknesses, extracurricular involvement, values, personality, career goals, college life expectations and financial background.

No two college applications will look the same...
And so no two students should have the same college application strategy.
That's Where AIM
Comes In
Diana Wilson Patrick
Mom of AIM Alum

You Don't Have To Do This Alone
Let AIM Help Your Child Reach Their Full College App Potential
with our Platinum and Gold 1:1 Advising Programs
  • Dedicated Consultant with Monthly Meetings
  • Purpose Discovery and Career Exploration
  • Extra Curricular Profile Audit with Recommendations 
  • Done for you College Application Timeline Management
  • Research, creation, and review of best-fit College List for admission AND scholarship success
  • Unlimited* Writing Coaching and Essay Reviews
  • Advocacy for student with college where applicable 
  • Private WhatsApp Group with AIM Team
  • Personalized Common Application review 
  • Personalized Financial Aid and Scholarship Advising
  • Test Prep: Access to AIM SAT Class within 12 month cycle
  • Interview Prep
  • Access to AIM's best college prep resources & templates
  • Confidence Building and Productivity Skills
  • Direct Access to Founder who is Chief Strategist on your Application Team
  • Dedicated Consultant with targeted Check In Meetings monthly
  • Potential Discovery: A Strengths Indicator Assessment to highlight and cultivate inherent talents 
  • Purpose Development: Recommendations on pursuit and development of interests and talents
  • Online College Prep Masterclasses assigned by Counselor, discussed in meetings
  • Career Glimpse: A brief introduction to potential career avenues and summer / year-round recommendations based on strengths / interests.
  • Profile Crafting: Guided sessions to help build a compelling College Application Profile.
  • Focused Learning Opportunities: Recommendations for enriching summer and year-round projects and Accelerated Programs where eligible 
  • Confidence Coaching: Modules from Goal Accelerator Teen to foster productivity and self-belief.
  • Skill Development: Tools and insights for resume building and crafting an impactful Activity Sheet.
  • Test Prep: Access to specialized PSAT or SAT prep class
Not Ready
to Commit but Need an
Action Plan?
The Initial Consultation is your first step to understanding where you are, and where you need to go... whether that road leads to Advising or not.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How is the College Application Program (Gold or Platinum) different from SAT Class?
A: AIM's College Application Program (CAP) Gold and Platinum now include access to a SAT or PSAT group class within a 12 month cycle. The CAP Services include resources and assistance with every part of the college application process - deciding what schools are the best fit for you, writing essays, filling out the application and financial aid forms, interview preparation, etc. The SAT Class is a 3 Month Course designed to prepare students to sit the SAT exam. One-on-One Tutoring is offered via hourly sessions that give students a personalized approach for standardized testing, such as the SAT, ACT or SSAT. 1:1 Tutoring is not included in the Gold or Platinum Advising programs.

If you are interested in joining the next available AIM SAT Class, please visit www.aimonlineacademy.com/SATClass.

Q: Will you reply instantly to Whatsapp messages as a part of the Gold or Platinum Program?
A: Generally, we respond to all messages within 24 hours between Monday and Friday. Terms of Use for our Whatsapp groups are outlined in our contracts.

Q: What if I have a question that need more attention than Whatsapp? Can I just book a meeting?
A: AIM Advising members are able to book calls with their counselor if something comes up.

Q: I have a question that was not answered here. Can I contact you guys?
A: Sure! You can email us at [email protected] call/text/Whatsapp us at (876) 276-8641 or DM us on Instagram @aimonlineacademy with any questions you may have about any service we offer. AIM is operational Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM.

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